We’re back, bitches!

We’re currently 6/13H and have an immediate need for strong healers and ranged DPS. Please contact an officer in game, or check out our WoWProgress page for more info.

Our current schedule is Tuesday/Thursday 8-11pm server (CST).

See you in Warlords!

The time has inevitably come. Due to continuing attrition and having trouble maintaining a solid 10 man roster, along with ongoing availability limitations… we’ve just hit that point.

We’re still recruiting people who are interested in raiding for WoD, if you are interested please contact any of the officers in game.

Omgitspins – Guild Leader
Loldeathgrïp – Tank / Bank Keeper
Silverbolt – Tank / Raid Leader
Dopplershift – Loot Master / Raid Leader
Sayuu – Master of Anger

Loldeathgrïp iLvl 572
Silverbolt iLvl 571
Jidouu iLvl 572
Loveline iLvl 571
Omgitspins iLvl 573
Thanna iLvl 573
Dopplershift iLvl 571
Kocoe iLvl 574
Sayuu iLvl 570
Syllee iLvl 569

We’re recruiting!

We have an immediate need for a Hunter or Boomkin as well as backups, so any exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

Our current schedule is Mon/Tue/Wed 9-11pm server (CST).

If you are interested contact a guild member in game, otherwise add HatoriHanzo#1457 on RealID.

Alliance Guild on Ner'zhul US